5 ways to earn money during lockdown

It is not a secret that after the Pandemic lives of so many people have changed, including their careers. Here, we would like to present some ideas on how to make money during lockdowns. 

  1. One of the first and one of the most productive things is to become a VA. This work allows you to make an efficient amount of money, also enabling you to have a flexible balance between professional and personal life. 
  2. Online tutoring. This is one of the most efficient and safe ways to make money during a Pandemic. In the UK, tutors make between 20-30 euros per hour, and some of them make 50 euros per hour. 
  3. Car Lending. If you think that you won’t be needing your car as often as before, this is a good way to earn money. By lending their cars, people earn up to 500 euros which is equivalent to 600 per month. Also, there is no need to contact those who will kand your car as there are apps for this kind of service. 
  4. Proofreading. If you have good grammar and you are also good at editing, you can earn about 16 dollars an hour. You can also get paid to transcribe audio recordings by firms including Take Note and Way With Words. 
  5. Online surveys. Payment for online surveys varies: while some offer just 50p for your time, others pay as much as 21 dollars per survey. You can also participate in market focus groups that occur online, and they also typically pay more. 

These ideas vary much depending on your personal interests and professional skills, however, all of them are a good way to make money while being locked up at home. Quarantine may be financially hard but thankfully with the growing online jobs now it is much easier to find a job which doesn’t require you to leave the house.


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