The Ultimate guide on how you get paid as a freelancer

Freelancing has become a highly demanded profession, which is known for both high salaries and, at the same time, instability. Each freelancer should know how to create efficient payment policies in order to receive fair pay and establish trustworthy relationships with the customers. So, how do you make sure you’re safe and will get paid fairly? 

  1. Always get a deposit. Before you start working on the client’s work, get a deposit payment first. It is important to set the precedent that you are not working unless you get paid. A lot of freelancers who are new to the industry don’t do this, even though almost every professional service requires customers to pay in advance. You should treat it as a credit, and when you produce invoices in the future you deduct the total due from this credit pool. It shows both your confidence and professionalism, making customers respect you as a professional. 
  2. Invoice frequently. The more frequently you do it, the better. Try to invoice once a week. A good way to get paid and avoid ambiguity is to send your clients a sign-on-delivery packet that includes a printout of their invoice and a pre-paid overnight mail pouch. Have them put their check in the pouch you sent and place it in the mail. It might cost you a little but that’s how you avoid the stress of “when do I get paid?” 
  3. Use contracts. Especially if your client is not financially stable, it is important that they guarantee that you will get paid, and the best way to do this is to have contracts with obligations signed. This secures both you and your client from unexpected issues that can influence your payment or work quality. 

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