Digital Assistants

Digital Assistants are personal, online assistants who can perform a variety of tasks for our clients.

Tasks include all forms of Internet marketing, building original databases (e.g. updating email or contact lists, organizing CRM systems and recategorizing past work), email and communication management (communicating on behalf of the client), online research, social media management, project management and organization, and more.

Digital Assistants undergo an intensive ``Boot Camp`` in their first few weeks in order to learn the fundamentals of the tasks they will perform.

Additionally, Digital Assistants are trained in new areas of specialization on an as-needed basis (when the client needs a specific area of expertise). As Digital Assistants increase their knowledge base, they earn internal ``Micro Degrees`` which entitle them to various benefits, including bonuses, added vacation time, and more.

Our system is designed to get the most out of our Digital Assistants and to train new employees on everything from marketing to technical specialization.