The Golden Age of Freelance Economy : Project Catalog

The freelance industry keeps growing fast, and here we would like to share the updates on changes in this industry. As Adam Ozimek, chief economist at Upwork said: “For those who haven’t taken that step, now is a great time—there are so many people looking for freelancers right now, it’s a great opportunity.” Meanwhile, 58% of professionals consider freelancing as their future career. As for those who are already freelance, 61% of them feel that their productivity has gone up since they’ve been working remotely. Moreover, 32.2% of hiring managers also claimed the same thing. More and more workers consider working remotely, while the estimated amount of people who want to relocate their work is 23 million. Many of them indicated that freelancing gives them more freedom and saves their time and money on commuting. As the field is growing, in order to create a safe and comfortable space for the collaboration of both freelancers and clients, the new system needs to be established. That’s why Upwork introduced the new platform called “Project Catalog”, where employers can safely shop on a platform for predefined products with fixed prices. It also helps to identify the types of professionals that are offered on the website and provides access to suitable candidates. This platform is an efficient system that allows safe and flexible communication between employers and employees.


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