The EU and British new fines for Tech Giants

The EU digital rulebook to prevent Tech Giants from acting unfairly and the British government’s plan to step up policing for harmful material online is about new specific measures aimed at the biggest tech companies.

The rules, known as the Digital Markets Act, sets out three criteria for defining the Tech Giants. The EU’s Digital Services Act updates the bloc’s 20-year-old rules on E-commerce by making platforms take more responsibility for their goods and services. 

Margrethe Vestager, the EU’s executive vice president overseeing digital affairs, said that the proposals aim to “make sure that we, as users, as customers, businesses, have access to a wide choice of safe products and services online, just as well as we do in the physical world”. 

In Britain, big tech companies and social media similarly face big fines if they don’t remove and limit the spread of harmful material such as child sexual abuse or terrorist content and protect users on their platforms. 

It’s the first punishment for a big US tech company since the EU’s strict privacy rules, known as General Data Protection Regulation, took effect in 2018.

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