A Staff-free future


In February, the new staff-free store was established in Sweden. Customers just download the mobile custom app that allows them to enter the store and scan their items. According to Guardian, Amazon currently offers a “click-and-collect” service to customers in the U.K.,, which allows consumers to pay for their items online and then pick them up from company-sponsored lock boxes. At the same time, Tesco company opened the first cashier-free store in 2009, where only one employee oversees the process. The U.S. stores haven’t established such a service yet, however, there is one store that is going to become staff-free the first – Whole Foods. There is another store called The Silver Lake 365, located in Los Angeles, which launched self-checkout kiosks and desks. However, it still has 100 employees working for the company, while Whole Foods also hasn’t completely transitioned to the cashier-free store, keeping from 250-500 employees. At the same time, the conversations about switching to staff-free stores have been going on for a while, and it is also considered the future of retail. In the meantime, more and more stores are switching to the automated shopping system, which is causing a big change in the retail industry. 

Source: https://www.visualretailplus.com/retail-management-tips/staff-free-stores-are-on-the-rise/


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