10 Signs that You Need A Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant can be a highly valuable asset to your company especially when you are still in start up phase where your resources are small and funds are still limited. Here are 10 signs that you should take the consideration of hiring a Virtual Assistant to outsource your tasks.

  1. When you spend more time on repetitive mundane work than core business growth.

  2. When your work doesn’t necessary need a full time employee to complete.

  3. When you need help on improving your business operation rapidly.

  4. When you’re big on vision but short on implementation.

  5. When you feel that you never get to catch up on your business to do list.

  6. When you can never find a time to step away from your business.

  7. When you find yourself missing deadlines, paperworks, unanswered emails… clients complaining of poor customer services.

  8. When you have clients in the other time zones.

  9. When you find yourself plodding through paperwork, administrative tasks and losing much of the excitement of running a business.

  10. When you are working on the tasks that you know someone else could do better.