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Our process

  • 1

    Developing a Task List

    Our process starts with a chat. We outline your entire Task List, separate between 'you' tasks and 'us' tasks and assign priority scores around each. It's easy!

  • 2

    Get Paired with a Digital Assistant

    Your Project Manager then assigns one or more Digital Assistants to your prioritized Task List. Don't worry, you can easily add, change, or delete tasks in real-time.

  • 3

    Chat with Us

    Whenever you need something new or want to update an existing Task, just chat with us! We maintain a single, ongoing chat thread for simple and easy communication around your Task List.

  • 4

    Analyze your Results

    As your Digital Assistants work through your Task List, you can easily track results and make adjustments. We provide regular reporting.

Learn more about Humans & Robots’ unique features.

Humans & Robots is a practical service to help you get things done. Let your creativity loose and start building your task list today!

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