North Korea and Russia’s hackers have been targeting organizations working on a COVID-19 vaccine

Developing treatments and vaccines first and fast – now it is an advantage for countries to take over the COVID-19 vaccine development. With this, the international prestige of a country is raised, its political and economic areas strengthen. But risks of foul play are rampant. 

Microsoft’s developing cyber-security software had detected attempts to break into the computer systems of seven pharmaceutical companies from the United States, France, South Korea, Canada, and India.

The British National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has previously said that Russian hackers were targeting vaccine research, but Russia denied its involvement.

One of the North Korean groups sent emails posing as World Health Organization officials and tried to trick people into handing over their login credentials. The representative of North Korea in the United Nations has not yet responded to messages seeking comment.

That is not the first time the States have been accused of targeting vaccine work. Previously Russia and China declined the accusation in similar activity. Microsoft has urged governments around the world not to target healthcare.

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