How companies help their employees’ well-being

The research suggests that well-being has an important influence on employees’ performance and hence, on the company’s results. The latest CIPD survey suggests that mental ill-health and stress were the top two causes of long-term absence in UK workplaces. It is also one of the main reasons why people quit jobs. In order to make sure that your company is safe, you have to also make sure that your employees are healthy and well. So, what do some companies do to to to keep the well-being of their workers : 

  1. NextJump. This company encourages its workers to participate in physical activities for at least 20 minutes twice a week and it also provides them with efficient breaks during the workday. As a result, their sales increased from 30% to 120% in one year, and the only thing they did was invest in their people (Wilson, 2019). 
  2. Johnson& Johnson. These guys also concluded that their success depends on the employees’ wellness. That is why they’ve provided them with healthy food in the canteen and a fitness center. A VP for Total Rewards, Susan Podlogar, says; “Having your employees at their best and fully engaged is a business issue – it’s not just a nice to have” (Wilson, 2019)
  3. Buffer. This company believes that people’s emotions are essential to their productivity. That is why they provide them with access to online therapists who are always ready to help. They also use slack to discuss mental health issues (Wilson, 2019). 

The research proves that providing employees with such resources improves their productivity and encourages them to actively participate in the company’s life. 


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