Interesting facts about online marketing

As online marketing is becoming more and more implemented into the various business strategies, we would like to share interesting facts about this field: 

  1. Average attention which a consumer spends on your product is 8 seconds. 
  2. Infographics are liked and paid attention to 3 times more than other kinds of information. 
  3. If you combine your content with good representative imagery, it will increase your views by 94%. 
  4. While potential customers can search for ads, it can increase brand awareness by 80%. Meanwhile, display advertising has proven to increase to a website by 300%. 
  5. Search engines are responsible for around 93% of the website traffic.
  6. Within a day, 76% of people who search for something on their smartphone will visit a related business. 
  7. Link building is the most difficult SEO tactic according to 65% of marketers.
  8. Titles starting from 6 to 13 words attract the highest amount of traffic. 

Hopefully, these facts will benefit your future marketing strategy and you’ll find it interesting to use in your business development.


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