Comparing freelancing platforms: which one to choose?

  1. Upwork. This is the largest world freelance platform, which connects millions of businesses and talents. In 2019, the freelancers who use this platform for work earned 2 billion $ for more than 8,000 skills including design, website development, and customer service. 
  2. Fiverr. It is an Israeli online marketplace. It also serves people worldwide, allowing multiple ways to make money, such as marketing software, creating digital drawings, or becoming a virtual assistant. 
  3. Supersourcing: It is a new generation platform that helps startups to find the right tech partners, hire remote engineers via verified IT Agencies. Also, it takes care of the legal or operational issues that may arise during this process. Moreover, they are flexible in prices. 
  4. Skyword. This platform puts content at the core of marketing activities. It focuses on cross-panel planning, developing marketing strategies, activation aligns with an enterprise’s overall content strategy, etc. With its unique content marketing strategies, Skyword creates unforgettable customer experiences with proven results. 

All these platforms offer a variety of services and features for their clients but all serve one purpose: deliver high-quality products and services and connect people all over the globe. 




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