What should a business expect in 2021?

It is no secret that during the COVID-19 pandemic a lot of business deals were either canceled or postponed. Economics has been experiencing a tough time dealing with new changes. During 2020, 29 of the 39 deals were made in November. Yet, for the overall US deal volume, there were 13,000 deals made in 2020, which is slightly less than in 2019. We are still here and wondering what is expecting us as the new year has started.

So, what to expect in business in 2021? 

Expect at least 5 billion transactions from pharmaceutical companies. Moreover, according to the National US survey, 56% of entrepreneurs said they will not cancel their deals after July 2020, and 76% of them also consider increasing their investments in 2021. From the end of June to mid-November, there were 222 announced transactions, with $10.9 billion in announced deal value. Despite the growing medical industry, in 2021, businesses will focus on technological progress, even more, increasing their revenues.

What should we conclude?

Even though in July 2020 there was a big lull in business deals, in 2021 investors became even more active to catch up. The medical industry will grow even more, at the same time there will also be big investments in new technologies.

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