The art of delegation in business

The study has shown that 53% of the business owners think that they can grow their businesses by 20% by delegating only 10% of the information (Economy, 2018). These results are epic.

By delegating information to your employers effectively, you can improve the work process and make it easier for everyone!

These 5 things will make you an effective leader and fuel the work process : 

  1. Set responsibilities to the employers. Being clear and simple is a true art that sometimes is hard to master. However, distributing tasks among your workers and clearly explaining them will help your employers to be more effective. 
  2. Keep an eye on things. Of course, the best you can do is to be an inspiring leader, encouraging your workers to achieve more goals. That is why you should be available to them which will help to solve the problems that might arise as soon as possible. However, it is also important to give more freedom to the more experienced team members. 
  3. Delegate. Delegate mandatory tasks, activities, and meetings that will be a part of the team’s future responsibilities. You may sail in when there are sensitive, ambiguous situations and/or confidential tasks. 
  4. Give employers authority. When delegating tasks, provide workers with needed sources and freedom to use them. For example, seek out the team for help, a needed budget for completing the task, etc. 
  5. Set clear expectations. Explain tasks in detail, also explaining the standards you will evaluate the performance with. Make sure that you set relevant and measurable goals.

By following these suggestions, you will master your “art of delegation”, making the atmosphere in your company professional, friendly, and safe. 

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