Apple buys a company every 4 weeks

Apple is a giant company, as well one of the richest. Today, we would like to talk about its purchases and spendings, which are truly striking. 

Over the last 6 years, Apple became an owner of 100 companies. In the first quarter of 2021, Apple has already delivered its largest quarter by revenue of all time, bringing in $111.4bn (£78.7bn). One of the biggest purchases was Shazam, which Apple paid $400m for in 2018. Another Apple investment was back-end technology and it also bought a small company called Prime scene, which contributed to the development of their FaceID’s. Over the past year, Apple also bought several artificial intelligence companies. In 2019, Apple bought a self-driving company to improve its self-driving technologies. 

As for right now, Apple is worth more than 2 trillion dollars. However, as our source claims, Apple is very careful when it comes to what it buys. As an example, Microsoft paid $26bn for LinkedIn, Amazon paid $13.7bn for Whole Foods and Facebook paid $19bn for WhatsApp, while all of Apple’s purchases which it has made worth less than any of these companies’ purchases.


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