Amazon has released smart glasses for $250

In December 2020, Amazon has released Echo Framers – the smart glasses that can do pretty much anything for you. These glasses have a built-in Alexa and thanks to the microphones which are also implemented in these glasses, you can address all of your requests to the Alexa service. It can place calls for you, update you with the latest news, switch on a podcast, or allow you to control your smart home remotely. Basically, you can access all virtual information not even using your phone. It also minimizes the sound of other people’s voices not to disrupt your ears while listening to audio. Also, its battery allows two hours for the voice calls and Alexa interaction, 4 hours for listening non-stop on a full charge. These glasses suit most contact lenses and they are also light-weighted. Of course, this product has a very specific target audience but people who would like to have a more efficient and easier way to contact Amazon’s AI may want to purchase this product (Coberly, 2020).



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