AI Fintech app for 5.3 million self-employed

The UK-based app, Corgee, will help self-employed people to manage finances. Before that, there was no app for freelancers designed to cope with those challenges that arise for self-employed people. This app will have intelligent algorithms that will help them predict when they might have fewer earnings that usually, encourage them to tuck some money away for tax and, most importantly, send them potential opportunities through the app, so freelancers can find and choose other offers they can work on. Basically, the Corgi app will be a financially advisory app for freelancers they can rely on. The way that potential services work now is that most of the people are getting paid every month, which is not what the reality is for the rest 26% of the UK employees. This app works as personal banking and allows its users to manage money how they would like to, also proposing effective tips on how to manage their income. As the developers of the Corgee app say: “It’ll give you personalized advice, help you bid for more work, and — most importantly — make managing your freelance finances as simple as checking your emails.” – Vitjazevs. Initially, the app was developed for the UK self-employed workers but right now its developers are working on a product to make it available in Spain. Hopefully, in the future it will be available for more and more freelancers, making their lives easier and more productive.


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