5 ways to cope with stress and avoid burnout in freelance

It is certainly true that the freelance industry is very flexible and the pay rates are higher than in the regular, in-office market. However, freelance workers still face stress and ambiguity. Not having a full-time job and a permanent, stable salary makes freelance a field is enough to make people stressed as well as the necessity of self-motivation. So, what the 5 ways to deal with stress if you are a freelance worker : 

  1. Learn to say no. You have to create a realistic schedule and take work that you are able to do within a certain amount of hours. Don’t take more work than you are actually willing to do. 
  2. Set working hours. In order to make your schedule and, most importantly, yourself organized, you should set up a clear calendar of those things you should do during the working day. But first, set concrete hours of your work. 
  3. Take breaks. Find a dedicated spot in the house where you can work. As someone who works in the office might take a break in a different place from work, you should do the same thing. This is why it is important to do it in a different place from where you are working at. 
  4. Focus on one thing at a time. Not to get overwhelmed and to do any task well, you have to choose and prioritize them. Get focused on one task and only then proceed with another one. 
  5. Find a hobby. Doing something you love and something that inspires you is really important to stay calm and dedicated. It will help to cope with stress and will give you energy for completing future tasks.


Having relief from stress is very important especially when you are working in a field that does not promise stability. However, finding stability inside of yourself will definitely help you to stay calm and happy. 


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