5 Interesting facts about VA career

5 interesting facts about VA career 

Virtual assistants have shown to benefit a business industry, however, it has been also productive and helpful in different fields worldwide. We would like to share 5 interesting facts about VA careers which might inspire and surprise our readers. 

  1. VAs take part in groundbreaking research. Since 1940, VA actively participates in health research, helping to  set the standard of care for not only Veterans, but also Americans of different backgrounds (health professional, nurse, pharmacist, physician, etc). 
  2. VA research also focuses on themes  like natural language processing and recommender system techniques. It actively performs research in e-learning processes. Thus, a team of researchers also has done a study that emphasizes the effectiveness of online learning in physics. 
  3. VA can spend from 8 to 68 minutes (on average) performing different tasks depending on their complexity, while the range for performing the tasks is from 5 to 88 minutes. 
  4. From the survey done on the satisfaction with VA services the biggest satisfaction (53%) came from IT services, while 30% of people preferred to use VA instead of performing their own research. 
  5. In the study done in Europe, the average VA salary was 90,000 euros per year, while the maximum salary was 178,000 euros/year. This information was obtained from 7 legal counsels working in Ethics and Compliance as well as logs taken from the users’ testings. 

Source : http://www.diva-portal.org/smash/get/diva2:1470600/FULLTEXT01.pdf

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