10 work-from-home jobs paying much more than regular American salary 


  1. Affiliate marketer. For example, you have a website that refers people to buy books on Amazon. When the visitor clicks the affiliate link and buys the book, Amazon will pay you a percentage of the sale. This is a good opportunity to earn money passively without a lot of spending on establishing a startup. 
  2. Bookkeeper. After completing a professional course, you can start earning money starting from 34,000$, while some people report earning 70,000$. 
  3. Clinical Research Coordinator. Clinical coordinators help organize clinical trials, earning from 48,000$, and you don’t need to get a bachelor’s degree. 
  4. Consulting. If you have knowledge in a specific area, then it’s worth thinking about sharing it with others. You can consult businesses while still working for yourself. `Consulting rates as a high-pay job nowadays. 
  5. Copywriting. The good thing about this job is that you can perform it from everywhere and also decide which content you would like to work on, while some people report earning up to six figures. 
  6. E-commerce store owning. You can launch your store on websites like Shopify, WooCommerce, etc. Meanwhile, there are 5 types of e-commerce business models: subscriptions, wholesaling, manufacturing, dropshipping, and white-labeling. 
  7. Editing and proofreading. You can proof edit, be a book jacket designer, while earning 20$ per hour, while . 
  8. Product Reviewer. Just by reviewing products of daily use, you can earn between 20,000$ and 95,000$. 
  9. Short tasks job. You can perform such tasks as writing a review, watching a video, or taking a survey. They don’t take that long, but it can be an easy way to earn money remotely. 
  10. Transcriber/Transcriptionist. This job includes listening to videos and audio files such as doctoral lectures and dictations while typing what you hear. A starting salary is up to 25$ per hour. 

Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/306578

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