Your Business development, simplified




  • Access to our Freelance Network
  • Freelancer On-boarding Support
  • Initial Managed Account Setup
  • Technical Support
  • Pay As-You-Go



Per month

  • Everything included with Basic &:
  • Account Executive Hiring Support
  • Virtual Event Coverage
  • Shared Lead Database
  • Unlimited Support
  • Direct Referrals



Per month (& up)

  • Everything included with Advanced &:
  • Dedicated Account Executive
  • In-person event Coverage
  • Unlimited Direct Referrals

Managed relationships

Our business development professionals start the relationships for you. We manage them

Research & Support

Our Researchers make sure that the business prospects and scheduling managed seamlessly.

direct referrals

Qualified business leads are sent directly to your inbox.

Event selection

Engagements are built around events. We make sure ton choose the best ones.

Frequently asked questions

We are a fully-outsourced business development solution. We find, manage, track results from talented business development freelancers around the world. These principally include sales freelancers and research and administrative freelancers, who work in teams to expand your in-person sales reach throughout the world. 

We charge a commission on deals closed through our service (typically between 8%-12%) and take a percentage of work carried out by Humans & Robots’ freelancers.  

No. Humans & Robots must verify past  work of all clients. As a direct referrer, we must ensure that the quality of our referral partners is of the highest caliber 

Work results vary. There is no “silver bullet” in sales. We take the most practical & efficient approach to building person-to-person relationships in cities around the world. We also strive to be significantly less cost-intensive than hiring your own business development team

We look forward to working with you!