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Running a startup, whatever the vertical, is incredibly challenging. The founder or co-founder of half a dozen in the last 8 years, I should know.

In this piece I focus on one area that plagues 98% of the B2B startups I come across, and what you can do about it: sales.

Why We Hate Sales

To most, the word itself is anathema. It connotes loud and aggressive sales professionals pushing products their clients don’t need to hit arbitrary quotas set by unrealistic stakeholders in order to move the organization’s bottom line, period. Not exactly the idyllic startup environment we read about in Entrepreneur Magazine or Forbes.

Among millenials polled, 9/10 preferred a job if the title used the wording “business development” over “sales,” all others parameters the same.

But there are two sides to sales, and I want to focus on the one the delivers the equivalent of Warren Buffet’s compound interest: Integrated Account Based Sales.

IABS is a spinoff off of Integrated Marketing and Account Based Sales (specifically B2B sales). The overall concept means general approval among existing clientele and more and better curated prospecting, leading to both rapid immediate and long-tail sales conversions and company growth.


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